A downloadable game for Windows

This game is about zombie  chasing the other  player until The game Restarts. New updates will come soon with objectives to the game. Stay notified to see new updates to the game. and support this game by adding comments and feedback for this game. 🔔

How to play-

-player 1 (W-UP) (D-RIGHT) (S-DOWN) (A-LEFT)

-player 2 (I-UP) (L-RIGHT) (K-DOWN) (J-LEFT)

-Download - 4 Mb 

device- works with windows 7,8 and 10 


Fayas Mundassery -   

Instagram-   @Fayas mundassery

Twitter -@fayasmundassery

YouTube- fayasgamer1  




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So I got a chance to play your game for my latest treasure chest series its the first game I played. I didn't have another person so my session didn't last that long. From what I did play tho I am happy to see your progress, you have a great foundation here and I cant wait to see where you take this. Good luck and keep up the good work!

Thank You so much.

It was my pleasure.


I saw your post to tales of the neon sea, and I would like to play your game and if I have your permission I would like to include it in my next treasure chest video. Im a small youtuber only 76 subs, but if anyone is willing to go to such lengths for something they have made I would love to see what they have done.

Hi sorry for the late reply. I am more than happy to give permission to play my game. I would recommend to mute the sound as it's not my music you may get copyright. when The final game comes out I will add my own music.
This was a school project. please give me any feedback on the game. I also recommend having 2 players and skip the first page where it says £2.50 and this I need to. You can skip this by right-clicking also when you get to the main page right click to start. And you have a new sub. THANK YOU.

This is a Early access. If you would like to add anything into the game play leave a comment